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Why Change Pump Basket?

Pool pump baskets are an extremely important component of any swimming pool’s filtration system. They act as the first line of defense against debris, dirt and other materials that can clog up a filtration system and make it less efficient or even completely non-functional.

The main purpose of a pool pump basket is to capture large objects that could otherwise damage the filter or cause malfunctions in the entire filtering process. Common items such as leaves, twigs, insects and small toys often get sucked into the intake hose during pumping cycles which can easily get caught in the basket. This saves your other equipment from possible damage should these items end up inside your pipes or filter media where they would be much harder to remove without disassembly and special tools.

In addition to protecting your investment from debris buildup, replacing an old pump basket with a new one also helps keep your water clean by preventing foreign material from re-circulating through your system every time it pumps out fresh water for backwashing purposes. As this dirty material gets trapped in the old basket over time, it becomes less effective at trapping new debris entering from outside sources – leading directly to reduced filtering efficiency if left unchecked for long enough periods of time.

Finally, most filters require you to replace their baskets on a regular basis depending on usage levels (generally measured in hours). This is because older baskets become worn down after repeated uses due to exposure with chlorine mixed waters – eventually impacting its ability to trap substantial amounts of solid matter effectively over time. So regardless if yours has broken off entirely or just seems slightly weaker than when installed initially – changing them out regularly ensures optimum performance for years ahead!