Weekly Pool Services

Let us take care of the nitty-gritty so you can focus on the splashing, the laughing, and the pure joy of a refreshing dip in your pool!

A sparkling pool isn’t just a treat for the eyes—it’s a way to take care of your important investment. Plus, when we help keep your pool clean and tidy, it’s safer for everyone to have fun and cool down. So let’s work together to keep your pool a stress-free and joy-filled spot all summer!

Who doesn’t love a good swim? But remember, pools can get tricky if we don’t care for them. This is especially true for families with little ones around. That’s why we’ve got your back with our Weekly Pool Service. We’ll ensure your pool stays clean, shiny, and safe the whole swim season.

Here’s what our friendly team will do every week for your pool:

• Get rid of any debris in the pool, so it stays clear for your swims.
• Scoop out anything floating on the surface before it has a chance to sink.
• Vacuum the bottom of the pool to keep it bright and shiny.
• Check and clean the skimmer, pump basket, and pool cleaner bag, so they’re always ready to go.
• Keep an eye on the filter pressure, do a backwash, and scrub those pool tiles clean.
• Check the water’s chemical balance and add sanitizing chemicals like chlorine when needed, to keep the water clean and healthy.
• Keep the water level just right—not too high, not too low.
• Test and tweak the sanitizer levels to ensure they’re perfect for keeping the water clean.
• Make sure the pump is working like a champ.
• Test and adjust the pH levels to keep the water nice and gentle for your skin and eyes.

We’re pretty proud of the top-notch pool chemicals and tools we use. And our team? They’re always ready to help you keep your pool sparkling clean, free of nasties, and running smoothly.


Our professional maintenance helps preserve the reputation of your establishment, whether it's a hotel, gym, or public pool. We ensure your pool meets health and safety standards, keeping your patrons and your business happy.

Leak Detection

Unattended leaks can lead to serious damage, including a compromised pool structure, soil erosion, and a potential spike in water bills. We can help you detect the leak and work to safeguard the structural integrity of your pool.


By combining functionality with aesthetics, we transform both residential and commercial outdoor spaces into stunning, usable environments. Our hardscape design will turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary places.