About Us

A dream of higher standards.

In life, we had two core dreams — running a family business and being rewarded for doing exceptional work. Surprisingly, the pool cleaning industry offered us a chance to fulfill both aspirations.

To be honest, becoming pool cleaners wasn’t our initial ambition. The job involved long hours and hard labor without much glamour. Nevertheless, we saw an opportunity to make a real impact. By infusing our strong work ethic and high standards, we aimed to transform pool cleaning into a service that truly enhanced people’s pool experiences.

We know from experience that the real value of any service lies in attention to detail. Fortunately, we’ve been able to serve clients who share this understanding. They have become the heart of our loyal customer base.

Our dedication to providing quality work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Since our modest beginnings, we’ve experienced substantial growth – a testament to the power of word-of-mouth referrals. It’s been amazing to witness how good work travels far, connecting us with more people who appreciate our commitment to excellence.

Here we are today, proud to be running a family business and creating beautiful spaces worthy of memories with friends and family. We do this work because we believe that the best memories are those we share with others.

We would be honored to help you create a space worth sharing.

Oscar & Cassie

Meet Our Team

Oscar Urrutia


Cassandra Urrutia

Vice President of Operation

Kevin Urrutia

Leak Detection Specialist