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What is the Biggest Danger of a Pool Leaking

The biggest danger of a pool leaking is the potential for extensive property damage. A leaking pool can cause serious damage to the surrounding landscape, patio, deck, and other structures. Furthermore, water in the soil around a leaking pool can put pressure on walls and foundation leading to potentially costly repairs. If not addressed in a timely manner, a pool leak can cause severe water loss that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in chemical treatments to keep your swimming pool safe and healthy.

This makes it especially important to address any signs of a possible leak quickly and before it has the chance to worsen with time. Additionally, as water seeps out of the pool, electrical systems may also be at risk of becoming damaged as they become submerged in water. Not only is this dangerous due to electrocution risks but can lead to further costly repairs to get everything back up and running again safely.