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The Bucket Test For Leaks

The bucket test it’s a simple and universal way to check if your pool is leaking.

Follow these steps to determine if your pool is leaking:

  1. Adjust your pool water level to normal, this is typically mid-way on the mouth of the skimmer.
  2. Use a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with pool water, about 3-4 inches from top of the pool water level.
  3. Place the bucket on first or second step of the pool without submerging it.
  4. With a marker or electrical tape, mark the water level inside of the bucket.
  5. Turn the pool system off and mark the pool water level outside of the bucket.
  6. Turn Pool system on.
  7. Make sure that the auto fill valve is off during test.

After 24 hours, compare the two levels. If the pool water (outside mark) goes down more than the inside water level (inside mark), there may be a leak.

If it rains, repeat test when it stops raining.

The test is not valid after 24 hours.

Normal Evaporation

Evaporation will occur at the same rate regardless of the area of water. A bucket will lose a quarter inch of water as fast as a swimming pool loses a quarter inch of water.

A quarter inch of water loss per day is most likely to be evaporation. The evaporation rate in your area will depend on humidity, sunlight intensity, barometric pressure, wind, as well as the amount of use (swimmers) in the pool, spa or fountain.