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How Often Should You Change the Water in Your Pool?

When it comes to taking care of your pool, you want to be sure that your water is clean and healthy. But how often do you need to change out the water in your pool? Is it something that needs to be done every month or once a year? Let’s take a look at how often you should be changing the water in your pool.

The frequency of changing the water in your pool depends on several factors, including type of pool, size, climate, and usage. That being said, most pools should have their water changed completely once every five to seven years. This should be done during mild weather so that your pool surface is not at risk from strong sunlight and heat. Your pool maintenance company can recommend when it is time to drain your pool. Another approach is to at least once every season, change about 20-25% for an average-sized inground pool. If you are using harsh chemicals or have had a higher than normal chlorine usage, you may even need to change out as much as 40-50% of the water each season.

In addition to changing out some of the water each season, it’s essential that you stay on top of regular maintenance tasks such as skimming off debris and vacuuming out dirt and other particles from the bottom of the pool. These tasks help keep the pool clean and prevent debris build up which can lead to bacteria growth and other issues over time.

For above ground pools or spa’s with smaller bodies of water (less than 5,000 gallons), it’s recommended that all of the water is drained and replaced at least twice a year. If possible, adding fresh well-water can help reduce chemical costs associated with tap or city water sources. Additionally, testing your pool’s pH level on a weekly basis can help ensure that any necessary adjustments are made before they become too large for one single seasonal treatment session.

Changing out some or all of the water in your swimming pool is an important part of keeping it clean and healthy throughout the summer months! Whether you need to replace 25% or 100%, make sure that you plan ahead so that you have plenty of time for maintenance tasks like cleaning out filters and checking pH levels before draining and refilling your pool with fresh new H2O! With proper planning and regular upkeep, your backyard oasis will remain sparkling blue all season long!