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How Does a Leak in the Pool Affect Water Chemistry

A pool leak can have a significant effect on the water chemistry of the pool. When a pool is leaking, it is losing water, and this means that with time, the chemicals used to treat and maintain the pool are also being lost over time. This presents issues such as an increased pH level due to an increased concentration of bicarbonates and other buffering agents in the water. Additionally, chlorine levels could be affected, leading to poor sanitation of the pool’s water which could put swimmers at risk for infection and other health problems.

In order to prevent a decrease in sanitizer levels, it may be necessary to increase the frequency of chlorine or bromine tabs added to the skimmer so as not to fall below proper levels. High alkalinity caused by a pool leak can also lead to cloudy water, scale formation on walls or surfaces, and staining of plaster or fiberglass surfaces around the pool area. If left unchecked, certain types of algae can grow due to high alkalinity levels resulting from a leak in the pool.

Therefore, it is important for homeowners with pools experiencing leaks to take necessary action before further damage is done. A professional should be consulted if you suspect a leak in your swimming pool so that repairs can begin immediately before more serious damage occurs.